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A lot of advertising agencies express their value through either creative services or buying abilities. PS Media offers my company both and more. Creative messaging, communication placement, and multi-media business planning. And, they free me up to run my business.


Shawn Linhoff, Owner, Perfection Glass


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Tony Moser



Tony has been editing for a long time. Starting like everyone else by editing for his friends. Producing and editing everything from comedy shorts to music videos to stand up shows to old musicians playing at the local casinos.


Tony grew up in the Tri-Cities. Graduating from Kamiakin in 199....well that’s not important. He studied TV/Radio at TVAC and even had his own radio show on 88.1. From a young age, he was forcing his friends to participate in some kind of video project that was swirling around in his brain and would later edit these projects on 2 VCRs. Classic.


Before moving back to the Tri-Cities, he spent the past four years working as a freelance editor in Los Angeles editing Sizzle Reels, EPKs, and Featurettes for Warner Bros., Sony Entertainment, 20th Century Fox, and more.


In Tony's off time, you will find him producing comedy sketches, music videos for local bands, and watching pro wrestling.