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A lot of advertising agencies express their value through either creative services or buying abilities. PS Media offers my company both and more. Creative messaging, communication placement, and multi-media business planning. And, they free me up to run my business.


Shawn Linhoff, Owner, Perfection Glass


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Michelle Wilson

Chief Cat Herder


As a child, Michelle’s parents often got calls from the school which all started out with, “you won’t believe what came out of your daughter’s mouth today.” She believed she was a troll (because she’d been told she was found under a bridge) and she was very proud of her heritage—pitching a fit when anyone referred to the trolls in The Three Billy Goats Gruff as evil. And, she also learned a very valuable lesson—never tell the joke “how do you catch an elephant” during show ‘n tell in kindergarten. You still never know what she’s going to say, but one thing holds true: she defends those close to her and she’ll try to make you laugh.


Michelle graduated from Gonzaga University with a degree that is no use to her in the real world, but she thoroughly enjoyed the four years of life experience the fine institution provided... Too bad the basketball team wasn’t as stellar when Michelle attended.


Michelle’s resume reads like a hobo’s travels: none of it seems to flow together, but it all prepared her for her adventure at PS Media and taught her how to take care of her clients' needs. French translator (hear what needs to be said, figure out how to say it in a way the audience will understand), Executive Assistant (take care of your boss, do what you’re told and do it right - NOW), National Convention Coordinator (juggle lots of balls and make sure the show goes on smoothly), Internet Cattle Broker (that one just surprises people, it’s the shock and awe factor), Radio Sales (knowledge of the market and client base).


 When Michelle isn’t at PS Media, she’s reliving her youth with her toddler daughter. She’s been told she throws a “rockin’ tea party.


Give Michelle a call if you’d like some assistance marketing your business. Or if you’d just like to find out how to catch an elephant.