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When PS Media says they’re going to do something for my business, I never have to give it a second thought or worry about it…. They exceed my expectations every time.


~ Tim McKay,

Owner, The Pub


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Mark Showalter



With everything from graphic design and photography to writing TV and radio scripts, news releases and proposals Mark Showalter may be the quintessential “Jack of All Trades.” Many would not think it’s possible to effectively use both creative and organizational sides of the brain but Mark seems to pull if off. Now, if he could only put the same amount of effort into his golf game.


Mark grew up in the Tri-Cities. A graduate of Kennewick High, where he was the senior class president and voted “Most Artistic” in his class. He knew early on that his graphic design skills were going to come in handy. From giant school spirit posters displayed in the high school cafeteria on home football weekends to the clever hand-drawn flyers promoting the latest fraternity fundraising party at W. S. U. (Go Cougs!) Mark had an early knack for effective communication.


Once Mark had graduated from Washington State University (Go Cougs!) he went off to seek his fortune in Los Angeles. Mark quickly realized you needed to have a fortune to just live there. L.A. was quite the culture shock but he stayed for a year or so working for Vener Imaging Systems. Mark learned everything he could about the print industry and the graphics that needed to be prepared for the medium.


Soon the appeal of the “big city” was lost and Mark returned to his native Tri-Cities where he still lives today. Along the way, his work transitioned into the television world, getting his start at a local TV affiliate station. Suddenly a whole new medium was open to him. Again he learned all he could about the various tools of the trade and knew another transition was coming.


Mark’s carefree days came to an end when he met and married his true love, Mary Ann. Now his days are free of care, as she takes great care of him. They have a son, John, who is a recent graduate of Washington State University. (Go Cougs!)


Another transition had Mark switch from working in the B.C. era (before computers) with pen and ink, airbrush and board to plying his craft on a “paint box” and that was no easy task, but Mark was up for it. Moving to a job with the advertising department of the cable company to produce a new channel put him in front of an actual computer he could draw on. Creativity flowed as Mark mastered yet another medium. Soon images that were in his mind’s eye were transformed to images on screen for all to see. As the cable company’s advertising department continued to grow, Mark eventually found himself as the manager for the department, gaining valuable corporate training that continues to help him now as the co-founder of PS Media.


Mark Twain once said, “Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising”. He was right. Mark Showalter knows the importance of creating the right message delivered in the correct medium gives the client the ability to grow. Now that’s using both sides of your brain.