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Retail messaging is tough.

It seems like you need to

re-invent your message month after month. PS Media’s creative team has shown that it is possible to keep the message fresh and consistent.


~ Jeff Gardner, GM,

Cost Less Carpet


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Doreen Jilek

Keeper of the Gold


Doreen was born to a family of 9 brothers and sisters, and grew up in an old farmhouse with one bathroom. She could say she had to walk a mile to school each day with no shoes but that would be stealing lines from her parents. What she can say is that she learned to figure things out for herself. Math was always her thing in school and numbers continue to make her smile (Especially if there are dollar signs by them!)


Doreen’s work history is all over the board. She began as a secretary, worked her way up through association management, event planning and eventually catering director for a local hotel. When hours grew too many for her young family, a career change was necessary. It all came back to her love of numbers and the almighty dollar sign.


Doreen’s bookkeeping career began over 12 years ago, when she took over as bookkeeper for The Maurer Company. She trained herself by rolling up her sleeves, digging in and figuring it out, it’s what she does best.


After taking a break to spend time with her husband, Patrick, and their three kids, Doreen took over the financial management of her husband’s businesses, of which she still does in the afterhours.


Doreen’s favorite part of bookkeeping is the word “balance.” There is no balance in the rest of her crazy world, running here there and everywhere. But at PS Media—at least at Doreen’s desk—things balance.


So, if you have any questions on your invoice, bill, statement, etc., Doreen is confident she can figure it out or die trying.