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Retail messaging is tough.

It seems like you need to

re-invent your message month after month. PS Media’s creative team has shown that it is possible to keep the message fresh and consistent.


~ Jeff Gardner, GM,

Cost Less Carpet


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Dave Praino



Never before in recorded history has anyone considered the self-diagnosed social ills of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder, Tourette's, and manic-schizophrenia a blessing of talent. With more than 30 years of advertising and marketing experience, Dave usually has an answer, (or strong opinion), to just about any question relating to marketing—or politics for that matter. Dave considers himself “old-school” and can easily be recognized in client meetings as the guy with the yellow tablet. In past lives, Dave did his first hitch in career Hell as the Owner/Operator of a manufacturer-retailer of bedroom furnishings. During Dave’s second tour of Under-World, he actually got to rub elbows with the Devil himself as a National Sales Manager for a local NBC affiliate...and since establishing PS Media in 1999, Dave is yet to define his current place in life as Heaven or Hell, but has been known to say out loud, “This is pretty freakin fun!” (sorry, Tourette's again). Dave’s duties at PS Media include but are not limited to over-seer of all things administrative, vendor negotiations, media planning and placement, client glad-handing, and the making of the first pot of coffee each day.


On a personal note, Dave married his girlfriend, LaVonne, of 5 years in 1980. (Yes, they’re still married, and if you do the math it adds up to FOR-EV-ER!) Dave and LaVonne have two fine strapping young sons that provide all necessary ambition, (educational and food expenses). Dave’s favorite hobbies include day-dreaming about recreational activities and watching the cobwebs and layers of dust grow on his golf clubs and fishing tackle.


So, should you need any help in getting your message out, give Dave a call, drop him an email, or even send up smoke may be surprised by which Dave answers.